Amherst Town Meeting: Session 8
Daily Hampshire Gazette
May 30, 2008

Light moment

Rather than displaying an overhead showing the Community Preservation Act matches from the state to Amherst while Weiss was making a presentation, a camera panned onto the lower half of a person sitting in the auditorium and was put on the large screen, leading to several chuckles from the audience until the overhead finally replaced the person on the large screen.

Words to ponder

Chris Duncan, an Amherst resident and former professor at UMass, said he was concerned with how the nuisance house bylaw might be implemented, noting that he didn't feel it was right for landlords to be held accountable for actions of grown-ups.

"The behavior of adults is their own responsibility," Duncan said. Duncan said he has also seen evidence that many Amherst residents reflexively are concerned with students and might use the bylaw against them.

Next up

A right to farm bylaw and implementing fees for false alarms are slated to be taken up, while the purchase of two lots on Main Street using up to $400,000 in Community Preservation Act money will come before Town Meeting sometime in June, once an appraisal on the land is completed.