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Town Meeting Warrant Review
April 17, 2008

Gerald Weiss, Chair of the Select Board, introduces Article 40. The Warrant Review is organized by the Amherst League of Women Voters in cooperation with the Town Meeting Coordinating Committee to help new Town Meeting members better understand the process of Town Meeting.

Finance Committee Meeting (Supplemental Report, transcript)
April 30, 2008

ARTICLE 40. Bylaw – Nuisance House (Select Board)
by Finance Committee vote of 6-0
This bylaw, which was developed through a careful collaborative process involving citizens, the Police Department, and representatives of landlords and of the University of Massachusetts, will provide an important additional mechanism for the Police to use when responding to complaints about noise, congestion, and unruly group behavior on private property, frequently a consequence of alcohol abuse. It will impose liability on property owners and other responsible parties. While the bylaw provides for fines and the possible recovery of response costs and administrative costs, the generation of revenue is not the primary goal or anticipated consequence of this bylaw. It is hoped that the bylaw will be a deterrent to unwanted behavior that requires considerable time of our Police Department, and will consequently decrease the pressure on scheduling and overtime.

Select Board Meeting (transcript)
May 14, 2008

Article 40 - Bylaw - Nuisance House
Sally Linowski, Ph.D., co-chair of the Campus Community Coalition and Captain Michael R. Kent of the Amherst Police Department present article as petitioners. Recommended by vote of 4-0, 1 absent.

Annual Town Meeting convened April 28, 2008
May 28, 2008

Article 40 - Bylaw- Nuisance House
Procedural Motion to consider Article 40 after Article 24. VOTED YES 127, NO 34 that the Town amend the General Bylaws of the Town by adding the “Nuisance House” bylaw to Article II, Prohibitions.