Town and Gown and Noise

How are other college towns dealing with noise and other "quality of life" issues stigmatized on their student population?

Athens, Georgia - University of Georgia (noise ordinance)
Austin, Texas - University of Texas at Austin (City Code: Chapter 9.2 - Noise and Amplified Sound)

Berkeley, California - University of California, Berkeley (unruly gathering)
Bloomington, Indiana - Indiana University (Noise Ordinance)
Boulder, Colorado - University of Colorado at Boulder
Davis, California - University of California, Davis
Durham, New Hampshire - University of New Hampshire

East Lansing, Michigan - Michigan State University and Davenport University
Fort Collins, Colorado State University (Nuisances: Noise and Nuisance Gatherings)

Ithaca, New York - Cornell University and Ithaca College (Code of the City of Ithaca: Chapter 240: Noise)

Kalamazoo, Michigan - Western Michigan University, Davenport University and Kalamazoo College (Code of Ordinances: Chapter 21 - Noise)
Kent, Ohio - Kent State University (Codified Ordinances: 509.12 - Unlawful Noise, 509.13 - Nuisance Party Regulations)
Kansas - University of Kansas and Haskell Indian Nations University (Noise Problems)
Morgantown, West Virginia - West Virginia University

Norman, Oklahoma - University of Oklahoma
San Marcos, Texas - Texas State University (Code of Ordinances: Chapter 34, Article 3 - Nuisances: Division 3 - Noise, Division 4 - Public Nuisances; Article 6 - Host Responsibilities of Parties in Residential Areas (see also); Sec. 14.011 - Construction Noise; Get Along Guide; Texas Penal Code Section 42.01)
Santa Cruz, California - University of California, Santa Cruz


AOD Prevention Strategies

"What Campuses and Communites are Doing" from the Higher Education Center